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Design Technology

At Woodthorpe, we aim for our children to engage in Design and Technology regularly and to provide challenge through learning new skills, developing expertise with tools and techniques, as well as experiencing new enrichment opportunities. We make every effort to ensure that children embark on learning new skills for life within the curriculum, from acquiring knowledge on how to grow and cook with different produce in our ‘farm to fork’ lessons, to learning how to produce different structures, mechanisms and textiles in our KAPOW sessions.


We strive for the children to work both independently and show respect when working alongside their peers whilst actively engaging in their work and team projects. Respect is also taught through our use of materials: promoting sustainability, re-use and recycle. Throughout Design Technology lessons, children are encouraged to constructively plan, execute and evaluate their own projects, alongside celebrating others achievements and building upon success. Ultimately our aim is to prepare children for the future and provide them with the knowledge, skills and experiences for future life.


Design technology is taught on a blocked curriculum basis. It is through the blocked curriculum that we believe that we are able to build upon metacognitive strategies to help support the children in their retention of learning.

Throughout each term, every year group within school has the opportunity to engage within different design technology lessons, activities and experiences.


To enrich our Design technology curriculum, we use the Kapow scheme. Kapow’ scheme uses hands-on immersive activities to promote a concrete understanding of the following Design Technology strands:

  • Structure 
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Food
  • Textiles.


Please take a look below at a sample of our Design technology long term plan, and progression of skills throughout the school.