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  • Individual Reading

Our aim at Woodthorpe Primary School is to ensure that all of our children can read, love reading and have begun their journey as lifelong readers. The children all have an individual reading book which is matched to their age and ability. For the first few years a child will have a reading book linked to their own individual level and this will be assigned by the class teacher. As children progress through school they will start to use the school library and independently select books within their own range. It is expected that children read at home at least three times a week and this is recorded in their reading record and on their class reading chart. 


Guided Reading

We believe that guided reading is an excellent opportunity to develop children’s skills and understanding. Children have access to a wide range of quality texts and gain pleasure from reading whilst developing their fluency.


In Early Years and KS1 the children participate in guided reading sessions at least twice a week. Small groups are organised according to the reading ability of the children and the children in each group have a copy of the same carefully chosen text. These sessions are led by an adult. Year 2 children also read a whole class text and complete reading activities based on this book.


In KS2 each class has a whole class set of a novel. All of the children follow the text at the same time. During these sessions there are opportunities for both the teacher and children to read the text out loud. Differentiated activities are then completed, based on the whole class text.