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Music plays an integral part during each school day, through assemblies, standalone lessons or simply enjoying the sounds around us, we strive to instil a love of music in our children. The school recognises music as a skill for life and this is reflected in our inter-related dimensions of music: performing, listening, composing and the history of music which are built into each year group within school.

Music is central to daily routines and learning in EYFS through nursery rhymes and songs to establish new learning and routines. Children enjoy music and are supported to build a repertoire of songs. Children are challenged to learn how to play a range of instruments, perform a considered piece to their peers and both self and peer evaluate performances, which allows them to develop core growth mindset skills. Through the ‘compose, perform and appraise’ cycle, children develop key sportsmanship skills, including teamwork, perseverance and resilience when things might not go as planned. Our music curriculum encourages respect for many different cultures, time periods and events, deepening emotional understanding into the subject and the impact that this may have on people’s lives in the past, present and future.

We strive to enhance our music curriculum and achieve this in a number of different ways. We are lucky enough to have class music tuition each week and use this to encourage active participation and enjoyment within the subject. We also have weekly choir clubs and some of our recent enhancements have included performing at the Barbican theatre in York and at the Young Voices choir at Sheffield Arena. We are also lucky enough to be able to offer some individual music tuition within school, so if you may be interested, please speak to a member of our admin team. 

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