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At Woodthorpe, we place high emphasis on the fact that mathematics forms an essential component of our everyday lives and consequently ensure that as part of our school routine, every child will take part in maths activities, every day.

We base our mathematics around the core areas of: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We believe in reinforcing key mathematical skills and vocabulary with our children, who then are given opportunities to apply this to reasoning and problem solving scenarios. As a school, we also encourage children to challenge themselves within online platforms, pitting themselves against other mathematicians both nationally & globally.

In order to ensure that each and every child fulfils their potential, we base our teaching and learning around age related expectations. For any children who require additional support, provision is put into place to ensure that they can access daily lesson content and, if necessary, attend catch up boosters.

We use a nationally recognised scheme to ensure that our curriculum pitch / challenge is at the correct level. ‘White Rose Maths’ aims to ensure that all children are number fluent by age 11. Staff use this online planning tool to collate key age related resources and teaching tools / techniques for a full topic.

Maths Progression

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Maths – Progression

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