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Pastoral Support

Our Children’s Champion Team

The Children’s Champions support children and staff in school to ensure that pupils can access their education and break down any barriers to learning.

What Our Children’s Champions Can Do to Help

Support that they can offer includes:

  • Ensuring the safety of pupils
  • Emotional support for pupils
  • Provision and support for behavioural needs
  • Support for bereavement and family changes
  • Support for transition within school and when pupils move to a new school
  • Signposting to other agencies that might be able to support
  • Encouraging punctuality
  • Supporting pupil attendance

Where are the limits?

Although the Children’s Champions will always listen and try to help, there are times when things are above even their super powers.

Our Children’s Champions are not fully qualified social workers and are here first and foremost for the children in school so when an issue comes up which is outside of their expertise they will always signpost people in the right direction. This might include other agencies such as GPs, Social Care or CAMHS (Children’s Mental Health).

Top tips on talking to your child as they get older

We have been asked for advice by several Year 6 parents who are concerned about their children not talking through their worries at home. It is a particularly key time of year for these pupils to have worries – with SATs coming up and the transition to secondary school looming.

This website page may give some ideas.

Headstogether is a mental health campaign that has recently been supported by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and it offers advice for children and adults to help tackle the stigma about talking about the different areas of mental health.

There is also a link for talking to secondary school children.

Further information can also be found on the NHS website.

Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass, has been designed to provide early reportings to schools of any domestic abuse incidents that occur outside of the normal school hours and that might have had an impact on a child attending our premises the following day. This information will be shared at the earliest opportunity with the school, ensuring that we can provide additional support for any child who might have been effected.

Find out more about Operation Encompass here.

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